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Jim Tate Jim is the Senior Minister at St. Katherine's having been here for 20 years. Jim is married to Lesley and they have two grown up children who are both married, and two grandsons. 

Lesley Tate Lesley is our new, recently ordained Curate, and is married to Jim.

Frank Franklin Frank is our Licensed Lay Minister having been licensed in September 2011. Frank is also a Lay Chaplain to the terminally ill at a cluster of hospitals.

Barbara Studd Barbara is a Churchwarden, and is soon to begin her training (Sept. 2018) as a Licensed Lay Minister at St. Mellitus College.

Jon Walker Jon is a churchwarden.

Jo Leeds Jo is our Worship Team Leader.

PCC Members:

Revd. Jim Tate - Chair

Liz Day - PCC Secretary

Barbara Studd - Churhwarden and Treasurer

Jon Walker - Churchwarden

Linda Haysman-Walker - Deanery Synod Rep.

Lucy Bush

Revd. Lesley Tate - Curate